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Most sound reproduction accessories are state of the art and maintained in cherished condition wherever possible.


My transport is currently either a modern silver coloured Ford Transit or matching Renault Kangoo, depending on the amount of gear to facilitate appropriately the right show for your venue.

 Signage is magnetic and demountable should you prefer a low profile delivery. All vehicles have up-to-date service histories, and are kept in excellent condition by the owner/driver.



We'll bring along whatever may be required for your event.

The gear in a private residence will probably require far less amplification than that of an open air concert, and the size of the venue in question will be ascertained at the initial contact stage.

Comprehensive mood lighting includes laser projectors, beacons, and strobes, as well as the unbeatable sound to light screens, all personally mixed and controlled as the atmosphere builds.

After many years of mobile discos, I ALWAYS carry spares, and in the unlikely circumstance of a blown speaker or a damaged turntable, the problem can be quickly rectified.

Your Master of Ceremonies boasts a 100% attendance record, and I consider ALL appearances to be of prime importance.


Please rest assured that if we have an agreement, it will be satisfactorily adhered to. No question.


For more information on a mobile disco in Devon or elsewhere, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07971 111 288 or by sending me an email via my 'contact us' page.


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